The Transgender Gadfly is a newsletter about cultural criticism, Trans philosophy, and standing up to internet bigots. Its goal is to encourage readers to ‘stop and think’ about what we take for granted in the world, especially regarding gender. To that end, each article here will seek to question the axiomatic assumptions of our experience in order to bring to light how we might live differently, in a freer, more equal world.

As one of the few newsletters written by a trans person at a time when transphobia is rampant on this platform, The Transgender Gadfly also seeks to combat transphobic disinformation and to be a safe space for the Trans community on Substack.

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Trans commentary on current events, cultural criticism, and capital "Q" Queer philosophy.


Rose Pelham is a master's student in philosophy at The New School For Social Research where she is also completing a certificate in gender studies. Her published work has appeared in Gender and its Discontents, The Georgia Voice, and The Gadfly.